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Safety first: a guide to chemical storage - 21/08/2015

Environmental issues, strict regulations and health and safety concerns are just a few of the reasons why choosing the right storage tank is imperative for organisations which store chemicals. Those who have had experience in industries such as mining, water treatment or manufacturing will know that any leakages or accidents can have catastrophic repercussions - ranging from injury to environmental damage.To avoid any unnecessary negative experiences - read this simple 4 step guide.   > more

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Information - Why a BUSHMANS Tank?

Bushmans Industrial has invested heavily to ensure our products are of the highest quality by designing tanks to endure the rigours of the Australian climate and industrial conditions. Our manufacturing processes aim to consistently produce the highest quality products. To guarantee Bushmans tanks are of the highest standard our factories have been accredited to the rigorous AS/NZS4766 standard. To support our quality products our industrial documentation, delivery and customer service processes have been developed to provide our customers a seamless level of service.

Our tanks have been designed to meet the requirements for a wide range of industrial, mining and resources, manufacturing and commercial applications.

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